Becoming indispensable


By R. A. Nadesan 

COVID-19 has thrown new challenges, Businesses have to be redefined, Organizations restructured to suit the new normal. Naturally this gets reflected in the job market, staying relevant is the need of the hour for employees.

Previous studies had revealed that Millennials and Gen Z don’t work for a Pay cheque, they work for a purpose. However now with the current scenario I think that’s no longer applicable, mostly everyone just wants to cling on to a job, any job which pays. So, how do you want to make yourself relevant and worthy during these times?

Let’s look at a few factors. I am sure anyone practicing these would be an indispensable asset to any employer.

Be committed – Nothing beats commitment. This is different from merely being interested. If you are interested in something you will do it whenever you feel like doing it; but a committed person on the other hand, is on a mission; he will do whatever it takes to complete the job. That’s fire in the belly stuff, and potential employers will find it hugely attractive.

Be a contributor – Make sure that you contribute and add value to your organization every day in every way. These can be like adding small incremental improvements to your job, learning something new and putting it to use, being a team player or whatever you can possibly do to create value.

Strong core values – Bring in to focus a very strong value framework; core values are not just words you pick up and align with, but something deeper; it’s the basis of your life. It’s something you cannot compromise whatsoever. Build your goals around your values and see if it aligns with your company’s values or its vision, most importantly your top management’s values, because it is that which percolate downwards.

Be Knowledgeable – Be constantly updated and relevant. Today it is easier than before. With things like Enterprise mobility, education has truly become universal; all the information that you will need is just a click away. Make use of technology, register for online courses, learn a variety of things. Experts, by virtue of their credibility are perceived as the most influential people in any organization. If you become the “go to” person, you will simply be irreplaceable.

Be visible, be credible – In other words, be seen and heard. Grab every opportunity to make presentations and be in the limelight for the right reasons. Don’t shy away from meeting and discussing ideas or issues with the top management. It’s important to be seen with the right people, that gives you credibility.

Be a team leader – Strike a balance between task and relationships. If you are only focused on task, then you get termed as a slave driver, and as a result might not be able to retain a team in the long run. On the other hand, if you are only focused on relationships, then again you might not be able to deliver on your goals. In this case too you will not be able to hold a team in the long run. So the bottom line is be empathic but uncompromisingly focused on your goals.

Imbibing all the above in your personality will no doubt make you a key player in your Organization, employers will just not let you go.


– R.A.Nadesan is a Business coach who focuses on EQ, strengths based coaching and innovation. He can be reached at


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