Italian police hunt for Sri Lankan woman accused of killing daughters


COLOMBO – The Italian Police are looking for a Sri Lankan woman accused of killing her two daughters aged 11 and 3 in the Municipality of Verona.

Italian media reports said the woman, identified as 33-year-old Sachithra Nisansala Fernando Dewedra Mahawaduge, was reported missing after the bodies of the two girls were found in a reception house in Verona, a temporary shelter provided for mothers with children, or pregnant women, who are experiencing a period of difficulty, on Tuesday (26).

The two girls, identified as Sabadi and Sandani, had been had been living with their mother since January, after a Venice Juvenile Court had established they had to be removed from the family home.

An operator of the cooperative that manages the reception house had discovered the two girls in bed, still in their pyjamas, but not breathing.  Police suspect the two girls would have been suffocated to death as there were no visible wounds or marks on their bodies. An autopsy is set to be conduction on Wednesday (27).

Media reports said the operator had entered the room the family was occupying, when he didn’t see the girls leave the room, Sabadi to go to elementary school and Sandani to kindergarten.

Police are reportedly looking for the mother in the countryside around the protected residence where the family lived, and has also launched appeal on the social networks of the Sri Lankan community in Verona and other parts of Italy, seeking their assistance.





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