How best to connect with the right buyer in the EU market

SL Embassy in Germany hosts webinar on ‘The Art of Approaching a Buyer in Agri Products Sector’


BERLIN – ‘The Art of Approaching a Buyer in Agri Products Sector’, a  webinar focusing on educating Sri Lankan agri-product exporters on how best to connect with the right buyer in the EU market,  was held on August 31, with over 180 participants.

This was the 3rd of a series of highly successful webinars being organized by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Germany in collaboration with the Import Promotion Desk of Berlin and Export Development Board of Sri Lanka, to support exporters to better understand the EU market, with a special emphasis on organic agri products.

Chairman, Export Development Board, Suresh De Mel, delivering the welcome remarks, highlighted the importance of a professional approach in reaching out to buyers especially in the current context of COVID-19, which has limited the engagements to a virtual world.

The highly interactive forum was hosted by Gustavo Ferro, lead expert on market intelligence and Vanessa Kuth,  international trade Consultant, with both of them sharing their expertise on strategies and approaches to identifying the ‘right buyer’ for sustainable business relations. They elaborated on the importance of strategic communication, which is critical when entering a healthy business partnership with European buyers. The two experts also shared the latest information on the European market access points, wholesaler/importer requirements, packaging and labelling, and retail market requirements. The session also paid special attention to challenges posed by General Data Protection Regulations in Germany and Europe and suggested innovative solutions which could bypass such obstacles in reaching out the right focal point of the target companies.

A case study was presented by Chairman and founder of WORGA NATURALS, Nishantha Jayathilaka, a Sri Lankan exporter of organic dehydrated fruits and organic spices, on how he successfully entered the European market with the support of IPD, and his firsthand experience of dealing with buyers in EU.

International Trade Consultant of the Import Promotion Desk of Berlin, Linda Mense, moderated the expert forum, which provided the opportunity for Sri Lankan agri exporters to raise their concerns and seek clarifications on practical issues they encounter in their engagements with European agencies.

Concluding the session, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Germany, Manori Unambuwe commended the support extended by the experts, officials of the EDB, IDP and the Foreign Ministry in this initiative and extended an invitation to participate at the upcoming webinar on ‘European Standards and Certifications” scheduled to be held towards end September 2021. Ambassador Unambuwe also briefed on the initiatives undertaken by the Mission to collaborate with German organic agriculture agencies in Sri Lanka’s journey towards a fully organic agriculture nation.

-Embassy of Sri Lanka, Berlin


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