Ganeshism5 at Barefoot Gallery from June 1 to 24

COLOMBO – An exhibition of paintings celebrating Ganesha in art by Mahen Chanmugam, a single subject artist who has devoted the last 30 years to portraying Ganesha, one of the best-known and most worshipped Hindu deities, will be held at the Barefoot Gallery Colombo 3, from June 1 to 24.

While the image topic is constant, the paintings on show capture a range of emotions and themes, exploring contemporary interpretations of Ganesha’s complex iconography as a philosophical template symbolizing liberation from ego, acceptance and the laws of cause and effect.

Through his modern, dynamic and colourful acrylic paintings, Chanmugam takes one on a personal journey, away from the often misunderstood classic religious views, into the study of an idol with symbolism of deep cosmic significance.

Chanmugam has had several solo exhibitions in Singapore and Sri Lanka and he works in all media, using conventional materials as well as surfaces as varied as antique door panels and industrial packaging materials. Currently he lives in Colombo with his wife and two children in their ‘living’ Ganeshism home/studio/gallery, whose other residents include cats, dogs, bats, tropical fish and water monitors.

The Ganeshism5 exhibition is open to the public and will run from June 1 to 24, at the Barefoot Gallery Colombo, 704, Galle Road, Colombo 3

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