Sri Lanka removes import tax on canned fish, onions and sugar


COLOMBO – Import taxes on essential commodities including dhal, canned fish, big onions and sugar were removed effective Tuesday (13), affording some relief to the public already reeling from the double whammy of spiralling cost of living and COVID-19 induced economic hardships.

The President’s Media Division (PMD), in a media statement announcing the tax relief, said the decision was taken after giving due consideration to the current cost of living and difficulties associated with the spread of the coronavirus.

The statement said with the removal of import duty price of canned fish, big onions and sugar will be reduced from Tuesday night, with canned fish (large) being at Rs 200, big onions at Rs 100 a kg and sugar at Rs 85 at the Sathosa (CWE) outlets islandwide.  It also said that anyone buying more than Rs 500 worth of essentials at the CWE will be able to purchase Dal at Rs 150 per kg.

Consumers will also be able to purchase coconuts at “reasonable prices” from the Sathosa outlets as supplies to these shops have been increased, the statement added.



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