Sri Lanka print community celebrates excellence in printing and packaging

COLOMBO – Sri Lanka’s print community gathered on October 27 for the highly anticipated print exhibition and awards night, displaying an exceptional level of printing quality that has garnered recognition on the global stage.


Printcare Plc, a leading player and exporter of world class packaging, emerged by far the night’s biggest winner, securing 24 medals, including the coveted Master Printer award, for its world class products. Others who did well were Softwave Printing & packaging with 14 medals and Austriya Printers with six medals.


The event showcased an impressive array of high-quality products, demonstrating Sri Lanka’s print industry has achieved a remarkable degree of high proficiency.


Anil Kariyawasam President of the Sri Lanka Printers Association, whilst complimenting the winners said the Association was delighted to witness the incredible talent and dedication of the Sri Lanka print community at this year’s exhibition and awards night. Noting that the quality of printing of international standard on display was a testament to the industry’s progress, he said, “Here is clear evidence of how far we have developed the industry which today employs over 300,000 in 4000 printing presses across the country.”


He reinforced the importance of the need for the government to encourage the domestic printing sector to meet its entire range of needs and minimize any reliance on overseas suppliers. A case in point being the controversy on the import of security labels when there was adequate proficiency available within the country.


The annual exhibition and awards night provided a platform for industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, showcase their capabilities, and celebrate their achievements.



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