Aru Sri Art Theatre to perform Unity in Diversity at Kolkata Conclave

COLOMBO – A newly choreographed dance item produced and directed by Artistic Consultant Dr. Arunthathy Sri Ranganathan, (Senior Broadcaster, Renowned Musician, Composer, Choreographer and Lecturer) will be presented by Sri Lanka’s Aru Sri Art Theatre at the Indo Pacific Conclave Conference in Kolkata, India, on November 21 and 22.

Well known for promoting harmony and peace through the refreshing medium of the performing art, Aru Sri Art Theatre will showcase a newly choreographed item titled ‘Unity in Diversity’ performed by dancers

Dhakshith Samaraweera, Krishanthi Rajkumar, and Geeth De Silva. Adding another unique feature, the performance will include a lyrical component in Sinhala, Hindi, Tamil, Nepali, Bangladesh and English, composed by Sri Shyamalangan Sri Ranganathan. The song will be sung by artistes from the participating countries.

Dr. Arunthathy Sri Ranganathan will accompany the troupe to the Conclave Conference, the theme of which is ‘Reimagine and Reconnect Indo Pacific Synergies through the Lens of Culture.

Along with Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines will be attending the Conference which seek to build a strong and vibrant, culturally connected Indo Pacific, united in its diversity.

Sri Ranganathan’s ‘Unity in Diversity’ is a beautiful amalgam of Kandyan and Bharatham dance styles seamlessly unified in a rhythmic composition of sound and motion.  Sri Lankan drum beats, a unifier of all ethnic groups, are interwoven into a brilliant rhythmic pattern providing the soundboard for the footwork of both Sri Lanka’s traditional Kandyan dance and Bharatham, which has its origin in South India.

The dances and the drumbeats create a feeling of oneness, an ultimate dialogue and the building of cultural bridges.



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