Colombo fashion week concludes with last-day show at Port City marina


COLOMBO – The two-day Colombo Fashion Week this year in Sri Lanka was concluded with the last-day show held Saturday (13) night at the marina of the Colombo Port City.

Organizers of the fashion event scheduled for Nov. 12 and 13 said this was the first time that the Colombo Port City was selected as a venue to host the popular fashion show, with a backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

The fashion week was launched in 2003.

Founder and Managing Director of the fashion week, Ajai Vir Singh, said they partnered with the Colombo Port City this year to show the world that Colombo has re-opened and is ready for resuming business activities after lifting the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Colombo Port City being built is expected to attract billions of US dollars in investment and generate at least 80,000 jobs, the Sri Lankan government has said.

The project, under the framework of the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, is the first of its kind in the South Asian country.

At the fashion week this year, 11 local designers showcased their latest collections as the country is trying to revive economic sectors including the apparel and fashion industry following the lifting of lockdown.

According to officials, the port city is expected to host more events in the future in a bid to promote Sri Lanka’s tourism and economic development.

They said hosting such events like fashion week will also allow more Sri Lankan people to experience the charm of the port city, which is being constructed in reclaimed land from the sea.

– Xinhua



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