The Halloween Loop



The darkness fell

 From the deepest hell

The streets were dull

The sky was null

And leading steps to nowhere

It’s twelve midnight

 With no one in sight

The church bells clinging

 You heard it right

Whispering the darkest secrets of the night

Now, do you know where you are?

The Horror House is not so far

Jack-O-lanterns and broken lamps

 Blinking lights with spooky hands

The old witch with open hair

Come on a broomstick in the air

And the room was filled with phobia

All the parties were smoothly going

When skeletons got their lives

Vampires, Draculas, and Zombies came running

 They were hunting souls alive

And we ran scared to die

The black cat crossed the road.

Leaving footsteps of the dark lord

I went home and locked the door

Peeping from the broken window

And unknown noise from the third floor

Locked in a room with dead silence

I felt I was the last on earth

“Oh! It’s almost there… My last hour

I hear the death calling me

I will be gone but…..

Be aware ….. The next might be you.….




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